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Subject: Problem entering wap sites
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gawie 29.06.08 - 04:03pm
When I use my pc I cannot enter wap sites of members using an underscore in their nicks, eg. Gawie_01. I get download file command. When I use my nokia E65 I get message: unsupported file type. Plse help. *

admin 29.06.08 - 06:57pm
A Prodigits member who created a wap site has 2 addresses for his wap site.One is for old phones (wml) starting with https://prodigits.co.uk/username/index.wml , the other one is for new phones (xhtml) and address is like : http://username.prodigits.co.uk/ As you can see the second url is different from first, username is in subdomain part. Subdomains can't have special chars like _, @, ! etc. in them and user names that have one of these chars can only have the first address. The background, link color settings only applies to new site urls.. When you browse from PC you can't view WML sites because the file format is not supported. *

gawie 30.06.08 - 06:59am
Thank you! It is working perfectly like that!
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abdulkhamid 24.02.19 - 11:16pm
Update videos *

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