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Prodigits members, discuss about Prodigits here

Group Founder: admin
Description: Suggest a new feature, report problems, announce new relationships you've made through Prodigits :)
Group Type: Public join
Members: 6079
Category: Chat Groups > By Topic

Topics (234)

go Cliparts (20) yogii
go Group polls are blank (3) warded
go Prodigit (27) emman88
go long time (22) chrish91
go Old and new prodigits (9) warded
go Wapgroups / Mobigroups (3) warded
go Chat / Twi bug (0) warded
go 500 - Internal server error (13) warded
go Numptys back again (3) jscott
go Prodigits colour back grounds (6) moplady
go Cannot use a clipart due 2 censorship (2) warded
go Pls add new forums (17) auxano
go Problem entering wap sites (3) gawie
go Greetings (10) virg
go Help with prodigits (12) kimone

Photos (2)

1 2

Files (11)

1 untitled
2 New logo
3 new logo type
4 Prodigits
5 Airtel bass
6 Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
7 foxigalx
9 Prodigits animation
10 whoops (gif) animation
11 Animated PROGIGITS

Polls (10)

go which hero is best
go If you are to choose out of all, which one will you choose
go What new forums would you like to be added.
go Would you prefer prodigits to facebook and twitter?
go Which site,chat site or social network do u like most?
go What do you prefer to do in PRODIGITS?
go How long have you been on prodigits?
go Which kind of group would you find more useful/exciting?
go Which of these things affect the world most-
go What do u like most about Prodigits?

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