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Subject: Help with prodigits
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kimone 7/19/2006 - 11:30:07
Why cant i get on prodigits on my mobile phone for the past two day's every time i log in it say's 'invalid web address' i can get log into these groups without any problems,but i just cant log into my prodigits wap site. *

1grease 7/25/2006 - 9:23:59
Try changing ur address...worth a try! *

kimone 7/26/2006 - 12:01:22
Ok i will try that thanks. *

twilight 7/28/2006 - 1:30:47
Orange-UK customers may have problems accessing some WAP sites including Prodigits because Orange put a new system called Safe Guard online which prevents teens from accessing unsuitable content. Prodigits is also barred because it has chat service. You need to contact Orange customer care to disable safe guard for this site or prove them that you are over 18. *

1thug4lf 7/29/2006 - 9:03:00
Try throwing the fone on the floor and then try geting into prodigits again *

kimone 7/29/2006 - 10:00:54
I threw it on the floor and out of the window lol it didnt help lol.GIF *

ninenche 8/9/2006 - 8:49:10
Try a machine_gun.GIF on ur phone *

reconn 8/9/2006 - 9:28:16
If you are having probs with orange and getting on pro them download Opera Mini from http://opera.com to get around this and carry on enjoing prodigits. For more info on this goto http://my.opera.com/ *

kimone 8/10/2006 - 1:25:49
Thanks for that reccon i have mini opera it is good,and gets me here lol thanks. *

breeding 9/1/2006 - 10:04:27
thanx! guys and girls u be a great help!.... *

kimone 9/2/2006 - 12:12:22
Yes breeding lol everyone has been a great help x *

arungup 10.07.14 - 05:31pm
my frd wnt to creat a acont in pro but he cnt whn he click in sign up option it come temporary not available y it happening like tht frm 4 day *

educator 4.09.15 - 01:48am
Maybe uhm i'm not sure

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