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Subject: 500 - Internal server error
Replies: 13 Views: 2440

warded 19.03.16 - 07:24pm
I get this randomly when entering the Fun & Media forum.

Server Error
500 - Internal server error.
There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.

http://prodigits.co.uk/forums/?sid=&forum=fun&tt=14 *

phil 20.03.16 - 10:12pm
nope.GIF am not getting it...u still getting it now? *

warded 27.12.16 - 08:27pm
Cannot enter Groups through Prodigits Forum Menu. Another 500 error.
Can enter groups through the 'Home' page. *

9362 8.01.17 - 09:08pm
Get this when trying to delete favourites from topics *

warded 5.06.17 - 02:52pm
Cannot sumbit a new poll in group, another 500 error.
Also got it when posting in a group once, though the message did go through. *

aek147 21.07.17 - 08:29pm
500 Interngrl server error *

warded 8.10.17 - 09:06pm
Got it while trying to use wizard.gif clipart on TWI's chat room. lol.GIF *

warded 12.04.18 - 05:03pm
You don't have to be logged in for it to happen in the forum menu. Noticed that the other day. *

warded 12.04.18 - 05:06pm
Okay it also happens when clicking 'topics' in a group post like this. That's a new one. *

warded 14.04.18 - 10:55am
Now i can't access topic list at all redalert.GIF
Happens also even if you're not logged in. *

warded 25.04.18 - 08:00pm
The 'old' prodigits appears to be errorless. But i want to use the 'new' one. *

warded 11.05.18 - 06:04pm
Some of the errors have been fixed. good.GIF *

richeet 21.01.19 - 09:45pm
chat users still getting error code 500 *

warded 31.07.20 - 02:49pm
can't start a chat post with the @ sign *

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