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Subject: Pls add new forums
Replies: 17 Views: 2830

auxano 2.03.09 - 06:42am
Pls add some new forums like Philosophy and Spirituality ... Life and relationship ... Science and nature ... World affairs ... etc its get quite boring to browser same forum for years. Thanks *

manchesr 2.03.09 - 10:10am
Browse or create a group for the forums you wanted. You have the tools to create your own and it'll be yours. The groups are here for a reason. So we can create our own communitys and keep idiots out. nod.GIF *

nadeemz 5.03.09 - 11:59am
too many would be headache auxano..lol isnt general and j4fun enough for you?haha always see you there *

cortex 7.03.09 - 07:12am
Education forum must be there!

07_10 7.03.09 - 04:31pm
Yes! A
Health forum, an
Education forum, or a
Health and Edu forum. *

jscott 8.03.09 - 12:49pm
yes and Animal Welfare, Style and Fashion, Home and Garden, Hobbies and Crafts and World Politics and Stamp Collecting please. daydream.GIF *

07_10 9.03.09 - 04:36am
Those things will fall under the General forum, scott.
But an 'Education and Health' forum is a must! *

2g0bby4u 9.03.09 - 05:29pm
and a pregnancy forum 2 plzpregnant.GIF *

07_10 9.03.09 - 06:56pm
Will fall under health *

2g0bby4u 9.03.09 - 08:01pm
yeah ano that but a ment have it seprate save loads of pregnancy posts in nearly every forum *

jscott 9.03.09 - 09:03pm
Health and Education can also go in General tea2.GIF *

07_10 10.03.09 - 05:18am
Actually everything can go in the general forum. But then why create other forums?
Since we have many topics in the general forum concerning health and education, it'd only be logical to have a forum for that only.

(We can even create and pin up a pregnancy topic lol.GIF) *

2g0bby4u 10.03.09 - 05:32am
tomato2.GIF *

admin 10.03.09 - 10:43am
health and psychology are serious subjects, the opinions given by other users maybe harmful, if you need advice, information about a health or psychiatry problem you should see a doctor or psychiatrist in real life *

2g0bby4u 10.03.09 - 11:44am
gud point thatnod.GIF *

lew15d 10.03.09 - 08:39pm
The forums we have are good enough any way... I don't know why anyone would want any more... Plus the General forum basically covers a lot of subjects. *

yogii 3.05.19 - 02:21pm
Musical instrument forum *

warded 5.05.19 - 08:23pm
Just use the Music Forum. *

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