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Subject: Old and new prodigits
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warded 4.11.19 - 04:46pm
Cannot go back and forth freely anymore. Now have to login again whichever you want to use. Example: Try to open an audio file in old groups, now asks to login when before it played the file/changed to new prodigits... *

admin 9.12.19 - 04:00pm
will fix it soon pray.GIF *

airhunmwunde 8.07.20 - 05:38pm
I have no friends why help me find friends i beg *

sammy19x 13.07.20 - 10:35pm
Why not just delete the old version *

warded 14.07.20 - 01:21pm

1clivey1 18.07.20 - 03:02am

shazza6 18.07.20 - 06:38am
No old version is good..i still use it..dont really like new version..so its good to have both *

carolffa 1.02.21 - 11:21pm
Can never find what I want. Have to sign in every time. *

don7star 19.03.21 - 03:16pm
No *

carolffa 19.03.21 - 07:29pm
Have sorted problems now *

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