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Subject: long time
Replies: 12 Views: 2230

chrish91 18.10.14 - 03:05pm
Hi guys I can't believe this site is still going must be over 10 yrs since I was last on here *

admin 18.10.14 - 09:13pm
It's been 13 years since Prodigits was first launched.. welcome back *

kingg99 3.11.14 - 01:24pm
proud happy.GIF *

kyky121 11.11.14 - 09:16am
It's been 4 years for me and I just now remembered the name of the site and my account still works funny s**t! *

piskey 13.11.14 - 06:10am
Been on here since2004. Love this site. *

fivestar1981 13.10.15 - 09:46am
I've just rejoined it's got to be atleast 10 years since I was last on here! *

jorny1 13.10.15 - 10:32am
It's crazy Fivestar, we were here in 2002 when it all began. Ahhhhh, memories *

jorny1 13.10.15 - 10:32am
And my original photo is here after all this time. Crazy stuff *

krack 2.02.16 - 01:35am
boast.GIF M New Here!!! *

sengem 18.02.16 - 09:59pm
Me too *

dee_xcel 16.04.16 - 04:33pm
@krack you are a little behind schedule on your arrival here. Welcome all the same salute.GIF *

tonyein 8.05.16 - 08:08pm
This was my first chating site ever..before I even knew of facebook.I even met my first girlfriend from here years back..lol.. *

786kunal 9.05.16 - 06:21pm
Same happened with me wink.GIF *

saintp 21.08.19 - 06:02am
Still glad to be here, cos it's been a long time coming. *

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